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An Entrepreneur that is a kid that believes so much in their ideas and dreams. That they start a business in order to make a positive difference in the world.


Join us for the
Kid-Preneur Jamboree

“Kid-Preneur JAMBOREE”  happening July 25 2021! The Covid-19 Pandemic has had a devastating Impact on our children. There have been higher rates of depression reported, digital addiction, mental illness, and limited physical activities within our young children who are still growing and developing right now. 
As they go back to school this year We wanna send them off right with the “Kid-Preneur Jamboree” this July 25th, 2021 in Tampa, FL 4203 W Waters Ave | Inside & Outside ~ Blue Lounge 
Young Entrepreneurs will get a chance to show case their products or service!


Sponsor A Child

By being a sponsor you are also helping us support organizations such as The Spring,  we are helping to provide school supplies to families experiencing domestic violence, mental health trauma, and financial hardships. Sponsorships can be found on link below .

How will a sponsorship benefit your business? Your business can receive the following benefits from a sponsorship:

It can increase visibility for your company and your brand.

Your business will have access to all guests which in turn can increase sales.

It improves your company’s reputation for success and refinement.

We generate dynamic content for social media with your logo in our marketing campaign during this event.

Your Support & Participation means a lot to all the families that will be in attendance! 

Facts & Figures


Children Who May Attend College

Only 23 percent of children who lived in poverty for at least half of their childhood attended college by the time they were 25, and only 3 percent who were persistently poor completed college by that age. (Source: Statistical


Children living in poverty

The national average is 23.6 percent.   For children in poverty, while Tampa, is 30% the chances for poor health are higher and the economic opportunities can be limited. These kids often lack access to healthy foods and quality schools, and face increased odds of toxic stress and challenging experiences such as teen pregnancy or becoming victims of violent crime. (Source: Tampa Bay Times)


Black Owned Businesses Shut Down due to COVID-19

Black-owned businesses are 2x as likely to be denied loans as those owned by white people. And up to 95% of Black-owned businesses may have been shut out of the federal government’s recent Paycheck Protection Program. (Source: Center for Responsible Lending)

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