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The Butterfly and the Bully

This book is a guide to aid children with positive reinforcements; while instilling healthier coping mechanisms derived from trauma or life stressors. The Butterfly & The Bully will help in the following ways:
* Assist in providing children with the inner tools needed to address their realities and move through difficult times and harsh environments in a healthy manner. 

A Queen Of A Woman

A young Queen that was unaware of her strength due to her environment and lack of focus to understand her cause to purpose. Her lack of understanding and truth led her astray to insecure thoughts feeling less than what she knew God saw her to be. Until she opened her heart to signs from God guiding her spirit to healing, growth, and transformation felt through poetry.

God's Favorite Toy

In the title story of Eugenia Gloria Kaitell’s God’s Favorite Toy, a loving king is faced with a troubling problem: the music director, jealous of the king’s position, has decided to rebel. He’s stomping and smashing the king’s toys! But the king and his son have a plan to rescue the toys—no matter the cost.


 Words of affirmation for all women - Insights for men looking to understand “HER” - Pieces on healing, overcoming, and self-love. Join the countless readers who have enjoyed the beautiful and empowering words written in HER.

In Me

I wrote this book for young boys to believe in their dreams. This story depicts a young boy visualizing himself in many different professions, while believing the world is limitless. I believe that introducing these things at a young age, will set the tone for young boys to go after the best version of themselves. It’s important for them to use their imagination, and get a glimpse of all that they are capable of through hard work and dedication.


Brain surgery, stroke, opioid addiction, and depression are battles he never saw coming in his wildest nightmares.

How Stroke Struggle and Surgery Helped Me Find My Life's Purpose

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